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Tired of getting lost when you want to climb? Trail Book is an Android app that lets you share climbing approaches with other climbers. It is a free repository of climbing approaches in the cloud. Trail Book is a supplement to the guidebook and written directions. It shouldn’t be relied on exclusively, but it can save hours of wondering around off-route.

Share your knowledge with others!  Imagine you just put up an amazing 4 pitch arete climb tucked away in the woods. You carefully draw a map of the approach and hand it to your friend who is eager to do the second ascent. Of course, she gets lost and spends the day bushwacking through poison oak cursing you and your terrible directions. Back at the bar when you ask her how she liked the route she just gives you a glare of contempt while scratching the rash now spreading over her arm.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Use Trail Book!

Follower Mode

  1. Find your climb

  2. Navigate to the start

  3. Hike to the climb… with Trail Book keeping you on course!

Leader Mode

  1. Drive to the start of the trail.

  2. Open Trailbook app and start leading the trail.

    In leader mode, will store a trail of bread-crumbs while you hike to the climb via the CORRECT way. You can make notes and take pictures, at tricky spots along the way. You don’t need a data connection while you’re creating the map. When you get back home, upload your path to the online database and give your friend a link to this site and some key words to search on (like the climb name and area, or approximate location).

  3. Add climbs and notes along the way.

  4. After finishing the trail, edit it to fix any issues.

    • Delete or move off-route GPS points.
    • Edit notes and climbs that were typed in a hurry.
  5. Upload the trail to the cloud and make it available to everyone!

    Don’t forget to add key words and locations to help people find it!

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